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Pat yourself on your shoulder if you are reading on this page because it tells me that you really want to learn. Learn about something that will eventually helps you to make money online once you acquired all the necessary know how.

Note: This website content has been around for 4 years by now and is a little “rusty” but still very much relevant to what you need to know about your computer system. It took quite a while for me to migrated all of the HTML pages to this WordPress blog and I will still continue to re-edit those content so that it will become even more livelier and informative than before. Trust me on this one! :mrgreen:

Know More About Your Own Computer

There are now 3 Billion computer users around the world, as compared to 2.4 Billion when I started this website. We also know that most of these users either bought their computer from a store or over the net which is very common today. A majority of them uses it for specific function at their work place or at home as such they are usually not particularly bothered about the technical aspect of their computer system that they are using until it … fails!

As most warranty for PC or Laptop were provided by the manufacturer upon buying, the owner of these new computer will only contact the Company they bought from when their computer system fail or stopped functioning. There were many unpleasant scenario, recorded over the years, between Suppliers and Consumers and most of the time it is due to the users ignorance about their computer hardware and software. This is also the reason why so many end-users land up paying more for the repair of their computer.

If you had experiences such as the above, then you are not alone ! You are most likely one of these people…

1. Someone in your mid-forties or above who has never use a computer in your workplace or in your life

2. A youngster or student who is using your computer to play games everyday

3. A Parent who bought a computer for your son or daughter because they needed it for their school assignment

4. A worker who is utilizing a computer for your daily functions such as Accounting, Sales & Marketing or even cashier machine on any retail stores

5. An enthusiast who want to know more your computer as a Hobby

and many others…

This website was created to cover every BASIC things that you will need to know about your computer ( even to the extent of building one when you learn enough from it ). We’ll start by looking at all the components that formed into a PC System. These components will be explained, not too technically, so that you can understand it easily.

For those visitors who requires more technical detail of these components, I advised you to seek them from websites or books that provides such information. For the non-technical users or novices, I am confident that you will be able to know how to budget yourself into building a PC system of your own as well as learn about computer jargon or lingo associating with it to communicate better.

I know that when you learn how to build a PC of your own, you will want to share the experiences with your friends. Being the minority out there who is able to build your own PC can be very special. You may even be documenting the process so that you can share it with your friends, just like what this website is all about.

I would love to hear from you regarding your venture here to learn more about Computer and its technology. Your feedback will help me make this website an even more interesting place for anyone interested to learn about it.

My sincere wish is that you will know more about your own Computer System and what to do with it productively after visiting this website. Take your time, enjoy the process and have a wonderful journey ahead !


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