How To Buy & Sell Software ?

As long as you are selling something you can definitely make some money out of it. However, the scenario has change so much over the past decades that the way to market your product has become much easier and cheaper.

Gone are the days when you have to commit a fixed amount of volume of products to become a Distributor. The overhead is high as you need to keep stocks in quantity.

With Internet Marketing as well as eBay Marketing, people can literally buy anything including software as and when there is a need for it. You can even affiliate with a software company to sell their products and as a result gain commission out of it. This is another subject all by itself, I will not dwell on it here.

There are some ways of purchasing software for you to sell to your customers :

1. Ordering it through the Internet ( Shipping Charges all included )

2. Buying it from a local software house.

3. Buying it from your local computer shop or outlet that carry this software

What are the common software that you may buy for your customers ?

a. AntiVirus such as Norton Security, McAfee, Norman Virus Control etc

b. AntiSpyware such as Super Antispyware or Ad-Aware,

WinXP or Window Vista Operating System software

Simple Accounting Software such as QuickBooks or DacEasy.

There are many reasons why you need to buy certain software for your customers but I will put value-added service as my number reason to do so. Although, the customers might give you some challenges regarding the software you purchased, it is a good idea to know a thing or two about it. As long as you help them to address their problems or questionare to the right service support, they will appreciate the kind effort you have put in.

Sometimes, your customers will somehow disappear because of this extra effort that you could have make but did not do anything about it. They may even think that you are not experience enough to give them the right advice, so they seek help elsewhere.

At the end of the day, is it worth it if you refuse to buy the software for the customer just because the profit margin is very small or you think it is not part of your responsibility ?

The decision is yours !

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