How To Buy & Sell Peripherals ?

If there is an opportunity for your to sell something to make an extra amount of money while you are performing your Computer servicing, do you take it ? My answer is YES !

Similarly to software, the marketing or sales of peripherals has now become so simple that you can literally purchase it from the web or from a local computer stores around your vicinity. You do not even have to keep stock to sell it although it is advisable that you keep a piece or two for the common parts such as Memory Chip or Hard Disk.

After a while, you will realised that there is always an opportunity for you to sell something “on-site” because of the situation you encountered. The most common components that I will advise you to bring along is :

1. Hard Disk Drive

2. Memory Chip

3. Graphic Card

4. Power Supply Unit

You may be wondering how can you carry everything with you, if you are not driving ? My answer is that you SHOULD know what to expect even before you go “on-site” for your servicing. E.g. A customer complains that his PC shuts down intermittently and despite trying all the Safe Mode Options, it still persists. What should I bring along, just in case ?

a. A Power Supply Unit — Many times I have encountered this scenario and after replacing the PSU, it solve the problem. What did you gain ? You earn your service fee + A PSU sale !

b. Memory Chip — Sometimes, you find there are 2 Memory Module and after several prognosis, you realised one of the module is causing the problem. You showed the customer the problem found and you also show them your new Memory Module which you plugged on, and wahlah !, it works fine. What did you gain ? You just made a sale if you know how to convince your customer to pay for it !

I can go on and on but these are situations that you must encounter so that you will appreciate the joy of doing it.

Another piece of advise is that you should try to keep 1 set of components that can form into a PC System. There are times when you will encounter a customer who is really desperate to get a computer fix but his present one is almost beyond economical repair (BER) then you should sell him a System there and then ! Just explained to him that it only takes a while for you to fixed it up and high chances he will grab your offer.



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