Components Of A Computer System

A Computer System is a combination of components that are assembled together to make it able to perform its task efficiently so as to satisfy the users requirement. However, the most basic components are as follows :

1. Computer Casing with a Power Supply Unit for the motherboard

2. Motherboard

3. CPU ( Central Processing Unit ) for your motherboard

4. Memory Module

5. Hard Disk Drive

6. DVD Drive

7. Video Display Adapter or Embedded Chipset on Motherboard

8. Audio Adapter or Embedded Chipset on Motherboard

9. Keyboard — Input Device

10. Mouse — Input Device

Miscellaneous Peripherals or Components may complement are as follows :

A. Floppy Disk Drive

B. External Hard Disk Drive

C. Wireless Adapter Unit for Internet Surfing

D. LCD Monitor for Display Output

E. Speaker System for Audio Output

F. Microphone Headset for Chatting or Audio Recording

G. Digital Camera for Video Conferencing or Recording


Watch Video To Understand Components Of A Computer


As for a more technical know-how about the Component Of A Computer System, you can visit websites that specialized on such topics or view wikipedia encyclopedia ( ) for a more detailed explanation about the topic.



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