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The Box-shaped like casing of a Computer has also gone through many changes throughout the years. It’s either a Desktop type casing or a Tower-like casing which are identified according to its shape and size. There are 3 kind of Tower Casing, namely Large Tower Casing, Mid-Tower Casing and Mini-Tower Casing.

With components of electronic parts getting smaller and smaller each year, the most commonly available Tower casing today is the Mini-Tower Casing which comes in different shades and color. As for the Desktop casing, it has also been miniaturize to the size of an A4 paper however the main concerned still encountered is the Heating issue.

As usual, the prices of such Casing do varies because of its unique designed or quality of the metal used.

A budget conscious PC User may find the casing shown on the video below to be suitable enough for him to invest in.

However, there are some people (especially Gamers) who wants to impressed others or themselves with the casing shown below.

High-end Gamers Computer Casing


Selection of casing by any computer user is a personal choice. Some like the design whilst others may like the color. There are no right or wrong choice in the selection. To me, it’s just a Tool to house all the necessary components that make up a Computer System.


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