CPU ( Central Processing Unit )

This is what we call the “Brain” of the Computer, like a human being, without this vital component it cannot works together with the motherboard to make the PC System functional.

There is 2 types of CPU & Motherboard to consider when assembling or using your PC System, Intel or AMD, which is already the market standards for all usage of Computer assembly. A tongue-in-cheek explanation can be like this :

Intel is a gender that is different from AMD ( e.g. A boy girl relationship kind of comparison ). An Intel CPU cannot be used on a AMD Motherboard and vice versa.

( Append Picture of a Intel and AMD CPU as well as Motherboard )

As the technology evolves ( very fast ), the different kind of CPU that the Manufacturer created requires a suitable Motherboard that can accomodate the CPU. This differences is usually identified by the type of Socket that is embedded on the motherboard to allow the installation of the new CPU. Examples of different Socket for different CPUs are as follows :

1. Slot 1, Slot A or 370 are socket for the earlier generation computer CPUs which is almost obsolete by now.

( Append Picture of such Socket )

2. 423, 462 & 478 are socket used by the early generation of Pentium 4 Cpus and majority of these are also in the phasing-out mode.

( Append Picture of such Socket )

3. 754 or 775 onward type socket are the existing generation of sockets which most PC assembler are using today. And with the limitation of using a Processor unit, the market now rely on a newer technology known as Dual Core for its newer generation of computer systems which promises higher performance than its predecessor.

( Append Picture of such Sockeet )

( Link to Information on Dual Core ? )

As for a more technical know-how about the CPU technologies, you can visit websites that specialise in such topics or wikipedia encyclopedia ( www.wikipedia.org ) for a more detailed explanation on the topic.

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