Hard Disk Drive ( HDD )

Unlike the AMD and Intel inter-mixing issue, the usage of different brands or type of hard disk drive on to any PC system is allowed. As long as the Motherboard manufacturer indicate the specifications require for your hard disk drive, you should not have any problem finding the right component for it.

Hard Disk Drive is produces by many Manufacturers. E.g. Seagate, Samsung, Hitachi, Maxtor and there are also several kind of hard disk drive available for any computer system to utilize. The 2 most common type of Hard Disk Drive in use today for Desktop PC or Laptop are :

1. IDE Type Hard Drive

2. SATA Type of Hard Drive

These hard drives are recognised by the type of connector required for the component to be attached to the motherboard so that they can function together. This connecting requirement is known as Interface. IDE and SATA represent the different type of Interface require.

Picture of an IDE type Hard Disk Drive, Motherboard and Cable required to complete the hardware installation

( include Laptop Too )

Picture of a SATA type Hard Disk Drive, Motherboard and Cable required to complete the hardware installation

( include Laptop Too )

Determining the size of the Hard Disk Drive is also very much dependent on the amount of Data that the user might eventually generate over a period of time. With the miniaturization technologies today, the same size hard disk drive that we used 10 years ago ( 40GB ) can now accomodate as much as 500GB of storage capacity and the price is so much cheaper than before.

As a rule of thumb, if you are downloading lots of pictures or movies or mp3 audio files from the web periodically then having a minimum size of 250GB Hard Disk drive could last you for at least a year or more.

Of course, with cheaper cost for most Hard Disk Drive, you may even consider owning an External Storage device that uses USB Port for transferring or receiving of data and the in-thing today is that most buyers goes for the 1TG ( Terrabytes ) of Hard Disk space.

( Append a picture of such external storage device )

As for a more technical know-how about Hard Disk Drive ( HDD ) technologies, you can visit websites that specialise in such topics or wikipedia encyclopedia ( www.wikipedia.org ) for a more detailed explanation on the topic.




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