Monitor / Video Display Unit

A Monitor is a device that display images generated by the computer. These information were transferred and displayed on to the screen by another component known as a Display or Video Card.

Monitor are similar to a Television except that it can display images in higher resolution ( higher quality display ). Over the years the monitor has evolved from a bulky looking device ( CRT — Cathode Ray Tube ) to a one that is slim and elegant ( LCD — Liquid Crystal Display ).

( Show a picture of a CRT Monitor )

It comes in various sizes usually from 17 to 21 inches. The more common one in use today will be the 19 or 21 inch LCD.

( Show a picture of a LCD Monitor )

As LCD monitor is relatively cheaper by standard when compared to the CRT of yesteryears, my advice is that you should buy an LCD Monitor whenever possible. It not only saves space but the LCD today are designed to look like a Television unit which make your surrounding look more Homely.

As for a more technical know-how about CRT or LCD Monitor, you can visit websites that specialise in such topics or wikipedia encyclopedia ( ) for a more detailed explanation on the topic.

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