PSU ( Power Supply Unit )

You can have the best components assembled to form a PC system but if there is no electricity you can never get the computer to start up. Similarly, a computer system also need a Power Supply Unit that converts our home use electricity from 110 to 240V into a direct current of range from 12V to 3.3V so computer can function.

The rating for these Power Supply Unit has been increased from 200W to its present day average rating of 400W because of the many additional components that the newer generation motherboard provides. There is no fix rating standard as it all depends on the way your computer is hooked up to the various components found in your computer system. Different user uses different kind of peripherals inside their computer system and as such the rating varies among users but it is estimated that most periperals, today, when added does not surpass the 400W maximum rating that a common PSU unit specifies.

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The only differences between the older day PSU versus today PSU is the connector cable for the motherboard and also the Wattage Rating which is almost doubled.

( Show a picture of an old PSU connector vs a new connector )

As for a more technical know-how about PSU ( Power Supply Unit ) technologies, you can visit websites that specialise in such topics or wikipedia encyclopedia ( ) for a more detailed explanation on the topic.



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