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This is the area of the computer system that generate the Sound or Audio so that you can listen to music, hear the sound of a video or movie.

The audio or sound technology has evolved over times and the quality of these sound output is comparable to the older days hifi equipment. In the beginning, the audio capability only allow the reading of text message which sound like a Robot talking to you. Thanks to a Singaporean named Sim Wong Woo, the creator of Creative Technology, he revolutionalized the audio technology that allow us to even view Movie Video or Listen to music just as well as what we have seen in the movie or listen from the radio.

( Append Earlier day Sound Card ( S.A.M if possible )

The earlier generation of PC System requires an Add-On Audio in order to play any music or watch video, however, with the miniaturisation of electronic components, these audio chip technology are small enough to be embedded on to the Motherboard of the PC System.

( Picture of a MB with the embedded Audio Chip )

This does not mean that add-on Audio Card is no longer required, there are still some audio cards created mainly for high-end usage. People who still uses such card are music professionals or recording studios or even gamers who gets the kick out of playing their favourite games that come with Threatre Surrounding kind of audio output.

You can have the best of audio output components in your PC System but without a good speaker system, one cannot enjoy the audio being produced by the system. A reasonable Speaker system with sub-woofer today is cheap and powerful enough to give you a sensurround feeling.

( Picture of a Speaker System with Sub-Woofer )

With more and more people surfing the Internet today and also using Chatting programs such as MSN Live Messenger or Skype, the usage of a Headphone with Microphone Unit has become a common peripheral that many computer user requires.

( Picture of Headphone with Microphone )

These are the common area that a Sound Card or Chip on a Motherboard is deem so useful for any computer users in the usage of a PC System today. Imagine playing a game or playing an audio CD or movie but there is no sound output, doesn’t it seems like you are watching the modern day “Silent Movie” ?

Of course there are those who does not even utilised this components at all as their only functions when using a computer is just for wordprocessing or emailing purposes. However, they will have to use it eventually as today’s email messaging program encompass multimedia plugins for you to even generate an audio output instead.

As for a more technical know-how about Sound or Audio technologies, you can visit websites that specialise in such topics or wikipedia encyclopedia ( ) for a more detailed explanation on the topic.

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