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Have you ever wonder why there are so many computer users out there who do not even have a clue about their computer system and they only learn about it when it breaks down? There are many reasons that such a phenomenon exist and although the society is more technical savvy today, it is still not surprising that you may encounter someone who totally has no idea what you are asking or talking about during your service call.

Just like owning a car, it is wise that as a computer user, you should understand a thing or two about the PC System that you are using. The content that I will list on this blog is for anyone, including yourself, to get familiarize with, so that in the event when you need help for servicing, you can even utter a jargon or two regarding your Computer System problem.

I recommend that those people seeking a more technical detail of the hardware components should visit professional sites or Wikipedia Encyclopedia.

Also, please be reminded that with the fast paced of technology changes or development, certain topics mentioned or displayed here could be out-dated by now but I will try to update it whenever possible.

You are also advised to visit websites or Forums that focus on Computer Hardware so that you can learn more about this subject matter.

Similar to understanding your car, you should also have an idea what makes up the Computer System that you are using. There is no necessity for you to know the technical detail of each components.

I hope all the content within this blog will provide you with enough knowledge to converse well with your Service Support Specialists in future.


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