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For some people, using a new computer can be a frightening matter especially those from the Baby Boomer Generation. Actually there are many way to learn about your computer and having fun with it too.

First and foremost, you must have that aptitude and desire to learn. Similar to the first time you learn how to drive a car or  took that swimming lesson.

There can be thousands of possible questions you might want to know about this topic alone, however, I will just list 11 most likely questions that a real computer beginner or user may need to understand first:

1. What is a Computer ? What can it do for me ?

2. How do I Startup or Shutdown my PC ?

3. Why do I need a Password to start my computer ? Is it really necessary ?

4. How do I find my files which I have just saved on the computer ?

5. What is the Internet all about ? How do I go on to the web ?

6. What is an email ? Is it useful for me ?

7. What if my computer fail to start ? How can I use my Saved files ?

8. What is a Virus ? What is a Spyware ?

9. Why do I need to Defragment my Hard Disk Drive ?

10. My friend’s computer seems to be faster, how to improve mine ?

11. Should I buy a New or Used Computer ?

For a more detailed information regarding Computer Basics (with answers, of course), go and grab this book:

Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Computer Basics, Fifth Edition — Publisher: QUE


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