Common Laptop Repair

Laptop Users do have their fair share of agony and frustration using the Laptop of their choice. Similarly to a desktop PC System, the most common fault that a Laptop user usually encounter consist of the followings :

1. Keyboard Issue

2. Hard Disk Drive Issue

3. Screen Display Issue

4. Battery Issue

5. Power Supply Issue

Unless you are a qualified Laptop technician, my advice to you is that you should leave it to the Manufacturer of the Laptop to repair your device problem. However, there are some portion of the repair functions that you can leverage on if you encountered them. For instance :

A. The Laptop failed to start up and your prognosis tells you that it must be the Software issue. You can do a Software Recovery function without the need to “strip” the laptop.

B. Your prognosis tells you that the Hard Disk Drive is faulty and you decides to change one. Most of the Hard Disk Slot on a Laptop are easily accessible and allow easy dismantling and replacement. All you need to decide is whether the Hard Disk Drive is IDE or SATA and What size Hard Disk Drive do you want.

C. If your prognosis determined that the Battery used by the Laptop is no longer capable of supplying the power to the laptop for 15 minutes or more, this usually means that the Battery should be replaced. You can always order a new one or buy from the original Manufacturer or you can even purchase it from any Computer Store that provide the actual part you are looking for.

D. As for Power Supply Adapter, I observed that many Laptop Users even attempt to use others Adapter designed for Laptop of other Models or Manufacturer as an alternative to their faulty one. This is very dangerous. As the specification of the output may varies, it can even “burn” the motherboard of your Laptop. The best way to solve this problem is to buy the exact Model from the Manufacturer or any Computer Store that provides the actual part.

E. As for Memory upgrade or replacement, it is easily carried out by removing the encasement that hold the Memory Module on the Laptop motherboard. Determined the type of Memory it requires and whether there is any available slot for the Memory Module. As the price of Memory Module is very cheap today as compared to several years old, it is advisable for you to upgrade it to the maximum allowable Memory Size that the laptop can accommodate. Please see the Specification of your Laptop Model to find out about its limitation.

As for other issues (including Keyboard or Screen), I strongly urge you to refer the repair job to the original Manufacturer for several reasons :

1. They, most often, have the Spare Part that are required for your Laptop.

2. You might not accidentally VOID the Warranty of your Laptop especially if it was purchased recently.

3. You are almost assured that your Personal Data will not be compromised as these legitimate business owners will ensure its safety.

4. Your Servicing Charge, if any, will be justifiably billed and you are assured that you are not short-changed.

5. Peace of Mind. There is always a cool-off period by the Manufacturer for the Service Job carried out and in the event that it re-occurs, you can always refer it back to them without incurring unnecessary cost.

Always remember this, your Laptop unit is not designed to behave like a Desktop PC system and for that matter a Server unit. I have seen many Laptop Users leaving their laptop ON 24/7 and when it breaks down, starts questioning the credibility of the laptop manufacturer or branding.

Knowing the differences between the usage of a PC System or a Laptop unit will help you make the right decision when buying a new computer system for your family or yourself.


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