Password Protect Your System

As the computer system in your household or office might not be use by you alone, it is better for you to protect your sensitive file which is for your eyes only. On Window 7, you can create Multi-user accounts with each profile being assigned with a password for Login purposes. However, it is still advisable that you password protect or locked your file from being access unknowingly.

Files can always be compromised if you don’t do the following :

1. Failure to cleanse the malware or spyware that you attracted into the PC (while online)

2. Failure to Logoff while you were away from your desk for a period of time

3. Failure to password protect your sensitive files or folders and it can be easily copied to a ThumbDrive or any other USB storage device

4. Failure to shutdown your computer at the end of your working day.

Here’s a video on how you can password protect your Microsoft Word document,

* The most important part of password protecting your sensitive files is that you Must Not Forget Your Password ! Usually there are no way of unlocking it.

How To Create A User On Window 7


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