How To Startup & Shutdown Your PC ?

To most users, this topic is so simple that it seems absurd to be mentioned here. However, let me assure you that I have seen many new computer users encountering problem with these two action.

How To Startup

Of course its simple, but sometime a new computer user may not know that beside the main power switch, there is another On/Off switch on the computer casing and, even at the rear of Power Supply Unit for some older computer.

When the switch is properly Press, the LED light will usually lights up and you could even see the Hard Disk light ( Red ) flickering away. Just wait for the Monitor to display some wordings or even Windows Startup Logo ( Clue: Is the monitor power on too ? )

When the PC is in a perfectly working condition, it will take about 20 to 40 seconds to load and eventually you will see that the Operating System (e.g. Window Vista) being displayed on your screen.

Monitor, Display, VDU

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With the system up and running, you can explore the software that are already on the PC and you could even surf the web if your internet broadband is active and working too.

On, Off Switch on PC

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After finishing your activities for the day, you will want to shutdown the PC and call it a day, right ? Please do not switch off the main power switch like you will do with your Television or Radio.

You need to do a proper shutdown procedure so that you will not corrupt your system software ( Operating System ) or sometimes the hardware too.

There are Two ways to shutdown your PC :

1. Pressing the power switch on your casing ONCE will activate the Shutdown function of your Operating System. It will take a few seconds before your screen turns Black and the LED on the casing no longer lit up. Then turn off your monitor and other peripherals manually.


2. If its Window XP, Click on the Start button on the bottom left of your screen and then click on Turn Off Computer nearer to the right of this menu and that will bring up another menu. Click Turn Off in the middle to confirm your action. Similarly, it will take a few seconds before your screen turns Black and the LED on the casing no longer lit up. Then turn your monitor and other peripherals manually.

I hope it is simple enough for you to understand the message here so that you can master the procedure within a day or two.

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