Virus & Spyware

This subject is so huge that it can be compiled into an encyclopedia just to understand all about viruses and spyware. I will not dwell too technically on this topic like the others but if you want to know in detail, there are plenty of links in the web for you to refer to.

How did it all started ?

It started off as a joke in 1982 by a high school student who input it into a game so that on the 50th use, it will display a poem describing about the virus. This means that the computer is infected. Later, some use it to protect their work from piracy or copyright infringes but over time, it became so uncontrollable that it is now a tool for sabotaging files or software on a PC.

Initially, it can  only be transferred on removable media such as diskette (5 ¼ inch or 3 1/2inch) or Compact Disk (CD) but with the advancement of internet networking, it can now spread all over the world through the web.

Many media such as Instant Messaging programs, emailing programs, free downloading websites and many others became a platform for these viruses to spread itself.

So, What is a Computer Virus ?

A computer virus is a program which is able to reproduce itself. It can get attach to other programs, it can damage or corrupt data on your hard disk, it can affect your PC performance by utilizing your memory or hard disk space.

They can affect the boot sector of your hard drive or bootable CDs or infect your files and rendering your PC helpless.

What is a Malware then ?

Malware means bad software. Most free programs that you can download from the web can be a Malware. Usually those that claim to be able to remove spyware or virus are actually Malware themselves. It is advisable for you to download those that are already very well known in the Computer industry such as Norton, Norman, AVG, McAfee, Panda etc.

What can a Malware carries :

What is a Spyware ?

Spyware are programming code that  accompanied programs, cookies or  change registry without your knowledge. Their main purpose is to send data back to the creator who collects this information for their own purpose or agenda. Most of these culprits are marketing companies that want to know more about you so that they can cater their products to suit your requirement.

As Spyware are usually installed without your permission, it is actually a violation of your privacy. But, if you keep installing Shareware applications, there is a high chance you are actually inviting them to your computer.

Too many spyware programs on your PC not only compromise your system speed, it will also bogged down your internet connection too.

For a better way to eradicate these spyware or viruses, you must invest in a good and reliable software that can rid these pest off your PC.

Some of these common software that can protect your system are :

One software that I will recommend for Cleansing of Malware, Spyware or your System is,

IOBit Advanced System Care 8.0


Watch Video To Understand About Spyware & Virus


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