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There are plenty of articles or books written on exactly what a computer is and unless you are literate in Information Technology (IT), the jargon alone can overwhelmed you.

I hope to make it look as simple as possible. If you have a better way of explaining it, please feel free to give me your comments or suggestions so that I can make the necessary amendment.

Imagine that a Computer is a non-emotional and non-argumentative “robot” ( Hardware ) that receives instruction from you ( using Software to Input ) and churning out information that you want to produced ( Output ). The Document that you produced will justify your purpose of using this “robot” ( Computer ).

It is basically a tool as well as technology that has been improving for decades since 1981 and it can carry out tasks that were deem impossible in the early days, and it needed a huge amount of man-hours just to accomplish it. Their abilities to perform those functions were made possible by integrating several hardware components that formed into a Computer System ( which will be explained later on as you go along with the “course” )

What Is A Computer?

What can I do with a computer ?

As it is only a machine, you cannot talk or scold it like any human being. However, you still need to give it tender and care like it were a human being. Confused ?

Because of the way a computer can help you achieve many things, many users out there can be emotionally attached to it.

Exactly what can a Computer do ?

Play with it !

Yes, many computer users use it to play music, watch video, create picture, edit photo, play games and much more.

Your business partner !

Many users make use of their computer for office related work such as typing of invoices, documents, reports and calculations of spreadsheet etc. Some use it to show sales performance and projection, analyze data or monitor projects that the company is working on plus many other functions.

Your Accountant or Home Finance Adviser !

Accounting, Finances

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Most software today enables the computer to do more than what few human workers used to do in a single function. As such most company are relying on Accounting software to manage and inform them of their financial standing pertaining to the business that they are embarking on. The computing ability of the computer is able to allow any company to generate their Annual Reports in matter of hours instead of days or weeks when compared to the older day.

Your own mail post-office !

Imagine that you are using a telephone but instead of talking, you are typing and chatting real-time with the other party, local and internationally. There are no limitation on the time zone or usage as long as the other party has the same software as yours ( e.g. Skype )

What’s if the other party is not in the office ? You can instantly type an electronic mail ( email message using Office Outlook or any other email software ) and send it to their electronic mailing address ( e.g. ) and within seconds, it is already delivered into their mail server ( e.g webhost or ISP ) prior to their retrieval of the message inside their Inbox.

Your own world libraries !

Search Engine, Library of Information

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When you are surfing on the web, you are actually assessing the libraries of information around the world. There are no subject matter that will not be available to you. It covers every topics humanly possible such as Health, Wealth, Spiritual, Money matters and whats-have you. You can use catalog system known as Search Engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others  to find the topics that you are interested in and it will be displayed to you with all the likely URLs in multiple pages. Just avoid getting Information overload! 😥 

When using a computer, you will realized that you can do many things at one time. How is it possible for anyone not to fell in love with it ? However, over times, this situation can lead to some computer users becoming an addict to it. They can get so engrossed using it (similarly with the Smart phone of today) that it will affect their mental and health state over a prolong period of time.

To be able to use your computer in a sensible way not only helps you for the long term haul, it can even become part and parcel of your daily life.


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