What Is A Web-Browser ?

A web browser is a software that allows you to surf the World Wide Web ( Internet ) so that you can read the contents in a graphical form similar to reading a magazine.

For you to read more content or messages within the display page, you need to point and click on what we called Link, which are using Blue-Colored Text to represent it. It will either replaced the page you are presently viewing or brings up another windows for you to read its content.

Similarly, the browser programs today have gone through many changes and are more sophisticated than Mosaic, the original version which was released in 1993.

The common browser that most computer users worldwide are using includes :
Internet Explorer  —  Free Download from www.microsoft.com
Mozilla Firefox     —  Free Download from www.mozilla.org
Opera                  —  Free Download from  www.opera.com

How To Surf The Web

As I mentioned before that the Internet is like a world libraries at your fingertips. These information are stored on different sites known as web server ( Books cabinet ) and in order for you to access it, you must know where it is stored.

Firstly,  you must first know what is the web address or URL ( Uniform Resource Locator ) that will point you to the right page.  These web addresses are like the Book title or Subject topics that you are looking for except this is much more dynamic. It can be any kind of name that represent the audio, video, graphics, photo, literatures, books you are looking for.

Example of such web address or URL :

www.golfwebsite.com     or     www.myname.com     or     www.computerbasics.com

www.thisvideo.com          or    www.thatebooks.com    or    www.yourmusic.com

Another alternative way of searching for the webpage you are looking for is to find it using a Search Engine.

” A Web search engine is a tool designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. Information may consist of web pages, images, information and other types of files. Some search engines also mine data available in news article, ebooks, databases, or open directories. Unlike Web directories, which are maintained by human editors, search engines operate algorithmically or are a mixture of algorithmic and human input.”

The commonly use Search Engine are :

Google       —     www.google.com

Yahoo        —     www.yahoo.com

Although there are many other search engines on the web, using Google and Yahoo alone will produced most of the results you want.

Finally, you might be wondering which Browser is the best. It all depends on the individual using it, why not download them and try it for yourself ?

Watch this video by Google explaining what is a browser


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