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Gone are the days when you have to write your letter to your loved one and have it posted through the local post office for a fee (stamp fee). Depending on what mode of delivery you have selected (air or sea), your loved one will received it between days or weeks and by the time your letter gets replied, it could have been months.

Today, you have an electronic post office right at your desktop, you can literally write an electronic mail (email) from a program known as Outlook Express or Thunderbird from Mozilla.

Upon setting up of the Internet connection, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) would have given you a Starter disk program that configure your Outlook Express to allow it to communicate with their Servers so that you not only could send but also received emails from outside source. To understand more detail information on this subject, you can always rely on the Help Section of the Outlook Express program.

When your Outlook Express program is ready for use, you will be doing the following :

Append your own email address on the From: field e.g.

Append the addessee email address on the To:field e.g.

Append the Subject of this email, Subject : field e.g. I have a computer now

Typing the message you want to convey on the editing box, there is no limitations of words or paragraphs whatsoever. You can type a 2-liner text message or you can composed a literature, that is up to you.

Today’s email program is so powerful that you can append video, picture or audio on to your content to make it as interactive and entertaining as possible. You can also attached documents that you want the other party to received. However, the limitation of the file size will depend on the allocation by your Internet Service Provider or your WebHost.

All email program has a file manager that allow you :

1. to monitor which mails has been received. Usually stored in Inbox.

2. to monitor which mails has been sent or not. Usually stored in Outbox.

3. to monitor which mails has successfully been sent. Usually stored in Sent Items.

4. to show you where all your deleted files are. usually stored in Deleted Items.

As with any window-type software, you can manage the folders into sub-folders in hierarchical order so that you can find and retrieve your email message easily.

As this form of media is commonly use for transferring of viruses or spywares, you must treat all email messages with care, especially those that came with attached files which you can save into your hard disk. It does not mean that the Sender is someone you knew well then you are safe. Most Anti-virus program today are able to scan your emails message while you are retrieving it from the Server. Please invest in one such program.

There are so many kind of emailing software in the market but the most common and free version is Outlook Express. If you have Microsoft Office set up on your system, then you will have a slightly more powerful program known as Microsoft Outlook. It incorporates other functions such as Personal Information Manager ( like a manual Organizer ) as well as Scheduler for all your appointments and meetings.

As for me, I love gimmicks and animations so I use a 3rd Party software called Incredimail which I have been using for the past 3 years. What I like most is that it can filter or block those unwanted spam mails which I received in quantities almost everyday.

Here is a video regarding Electronic Mail or Email

How Email Works


Explore yourself and surely you will find an email programs that you will like !

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