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IBM PC300 - Flickr_Creative CommonThe computer that is residing on your desk right now has gone through so many changes since 1975 after IBM introduced its first “personal computer”. In the beginning there are 2 groups of computer users, the Apple PC which is more for home use with lots of gaming programs and the IBM PC which is more for business purposes.

Ultimately, from 1981, IBM PC became a household brand because of their collaboration with Microsoft to produced a universal operating system known as PC-DOS, which sets the standard for the microcomputer industry. Since then, IBM has sold million of PCs and evolved into a complete family of computers and peripherals. It is also at this time when more software were written for this family of computers as compared to the other different system on the market. E.g. CP/M Operating system

Today’s computer has became much more powerful than before and they are smaller and lighter too. The software that we uses has also went through much changes and what we does today seems like science-fiction to those people from that era.

As the hardware and software becomes more sophisticated, it requires more memory and storage space just to keep up with its functionality. The Computer today can do much more work than the several giant mainframe of the early days. Technologies is still improving at an exorbitant rate despite the fact that the Software and Hardware today is getting cheaper and cheaper day by day.

If you are worried about your hardware or software because you do not know anything about it, have no fear because all these information can be easily obtain from the Internet. The Search Engine is like the world libraries is at your fingertip. However, too much information from different “gurus” can really overwhelm you in the beginning. I hope to make it easy for you to learn what is necessary here.

The topics that will be covered in this website will be as follows:

1. Basic Information that most new Computer User want to know
2. Hardware : Component of your Computer System
3. Software : What are the common software you might consider using ?
4. Internet : How do you get into the web ? How do you surf for information ?
5. Can you make money with the knowledge you gain from here over a period of time ?
6. Is Computer Servicing or Computer Technical Support for you ?
7. How can Computer Technical Support generate money for you ?
and whatever subject topics that comes along which is deem beneficial to you.

As my command of English is poor and my writing standard is not good, the content here will be presented as simply as possible. Simplicity makes learning easier too. The content will not dwell too much on the technical terms or logic of any subject mentioned. If you are seeking for more technical details regarding hardware or software, you can always find them in well-written books all over the web or bookstores. Here’s one book you can consider > Upgrading and Repairing PCs (21st Edition)

I also look forward to your comments or contribution of articles in the future so that everyone visitors here can benefit from it. Reach me via the Contact Us link above.


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