Back Up Data Files

The files that you have saved on to your hard disk drive could be a result of many hours of hardship or sacrifices that you have made in order to put them together. Can you imagine what will happen when your hard disk drive crashed or your data files gets corrupted due to virus attacks or any other factors ?

I have seen customers cried over the loss of their data and I cannot tell you how heartache it was for me for not being able to retrieve it back for them. Some even paid heavily to Data Recovery Company for the recovery process because the data on the hard drive cannot be reproduced in one way or another but this option is still not guaranteed.

What are the types of data most commonly saved ?

1. Accounts data or documents

2. Legal Documents

3. Photo — wedding, honeymoon, travels, loved ones, evidences etc

4. Project folders or files

5. eBooks, Literatures, Software Downloader that you have paid.

and much much more. The urgency to backup depends on the user of the computer system. Only he or she will know what is important to themselves.

What are the different ways you can backup your files or data ?

a. Copy to floppy disk — transfer by copy and paste

b. Copy to CD or DVD — You can use a Burner software e.g. NeroExpress

c. Copy to an external hard disk drive ( 2.5″ or 3.5″ type ) — transfer by copy and paste

d. Copy to your Server, if you are on a Network — transfer by copy and paste

e. Clone to another hard disk drive — You need a Ghost program to clone the hard disk.

f. Store it on a Cloud Backup Platform (common since year 2013)

How often do you backup your files or data ?

It all depends on the user activities for the day or weeks. As a rule of thumb, if you are handling hundreds of email or documents a day, it is wise to backup on a daily basis.

If you merely handles a couple of documents or files every one to two days, then a weekly routine will be fine.

At the end of the day, it all depends on the importance of the documents or the attitude of the user.

For users who possess very important data or files that they cannot afford to compromise, I usually advise them to saved to two location. CDs or DVDs and External Hard Disk Drive.

Prevention is always better than Cure!

Backup Your Files To CD/DVD


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