Why Upgrade Your PC ?


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There are several reasons why you might want to upgrade the computer that you are using. However, it would be good that you can identify the peripherals that are limiting the performance of your applications.

What makes you want or consider to upgrade your PC  ? Here are some examples :

  1. It’s taking a long time for you to load your applications or graphics and your PC Memory is only 1GB
  1. Your PC produced an Error Message each time you try saving a file or your Operating System constantly prompt you that there is not enough disk space while performing some task. After checking the hard disk space, it barely has 50MB of space left.
  1. You surf the web and the video image is blur or takes a long time to display, you might want to improve it by changing your video display card with a higher memory. It might also be due to your PC low memory too.
  1. Your existing CD-ROM Drive could not run the DVD you had just slot in. Changing it into a DVD Drive will solve the problem.
  1. You want the same processing power that your friend has because his webcam video is definitely much smoother than yours and you realized that  he is using a recently bought PC whilst yours is almost 5 years old.
  1. You know you need more processing power because you are into video editing or photo-editing or LAN Gaming and the system you are using is not sufficient to support your requirement.
  1. You know the latest PC in the market is way better than the one you have and you want to be the proud owner of one.
  1. You want to change to the latest PC but it’s costly to acquire. Budgeting is also your number one concern. You think that by changing the faulty peripheral your PC might be able to last for a few more months.

Whatever reasons you may have, it should not stop you from getting the best solution to fix the problem so long as it does not emotionally affect you while you use the computer later on.

With newly assembled PC costing lesser day by day, sometimes you might wonder if it’s even worth to repair or upgrade the PC at all. After all, for an extra amount of money plus the amount you need to fix it, you might as well grab hold of a new PC system which comes with a One year of warranty.


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