PC Assembly

There are many factors as to why anyone would want to build their own PC System. The following reasons may justify it :

1. With enough knowledge, someone may assemble a PC System to see whether he has what it takes to build one, this is in the experimental stage where they risk making mistakes and spending more money eventually. However, if he never tries, he never learns.

2. Using of proprietary system has its inconvenience. They cannot simply append new RAM or Hard Disk or other Internal devices without the risk of Voiding the Warranty that comes with the PC System. Some hardware may even conflict with the existing software that comes with the PC System. By assembling their own PC System, they have the flexibility to change or upgrade the system without any hesitation at all.

3. Buying from a trustworthy source. Many computer users have one way or another experienced certain situation which make them exercise extreme caution when shopping for a PC System off-the-shelf, some simply loses faith altogether. However, psychologically, they will trust the recommendation of those who have been providing them good and trustworthy support during their usage of their PC System. In my case, when I recommend them to buy Assembled PC, they only need to know how much it cost and with no other question ask. I have been blessed to have so many customers that gives me this kind of response or authority to build their PC System.

4. A useful means if they are budget conscious. They can arrange to fix a PC System that meet their minimum requirement and subsequently upgrade it when they can afford to spend a little bit more. Usually, newly startup companies exercise this option. Another possible savings is that sometimes the peripherals are cheaper after a period of time actually.

5. Cheaper than Proprietary System. Users of proprietary PC System knows that some of the software or devices on their existing PC system is not in use because they don’t utilised it or they simply do not know how to use it. To have more feature on the system can sometime give the owner more headache because they can bogged down the system too. With an Assembled PC, they can be very sure that their minimum feature is met and also easily identified during breakdown.

There is no fixed explanation why some people loved to assemble their own PC, like the saying goes “One Man’s Meat Is Another Man’s Poison” !

I certainly hope that the information provided within can give you a clearer picture of what you want when you go shopping for a brand new PC System or decide to assemble your own PC System.

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