Connecting Necessary Cables and Adapters

It is not complicating to find out exactly what is needed to get the computer system fixs up. Determine the remaining cable or connectors that need to be hook-up to the main board or computer casing. The common one are as follows :

USB 1 & USB 2 connectors for your Front or Side Panel that comes with Audio Jack Connector and USB Slots

Connectors that is necessary for you to switch on your computer ( POWER ), for your Hard Disk ( HDD LED ), Speaker Connector ( SPK ) & Reset Switch for your Front Panel ( RESET )

Connectors for your Hard Disk Drive, DVD Drives, Floppy Disk Drives, Card Reader, Hard Disk Drive and Additional Ventilation Fans

Keyboard Connector ( Din or USB ) for your Keyboard

Mouse Connector ( Din or USB ) for your Mouse

SVGA Connector from Monitor to your Graphic Display Port

RJ45 Cable from your Broadband Router to your LAN Port

Audio or Mic Jack to your Audio / Mic Connector

Power Cable for your ATX Power Supply Unit ( PSU )

( Show Picture / Slides for all above )



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