Testing & Commissioning Your PC

This is the most important part of PC Assembling that you must not compromise in any way !

When the PC System is completely prepared. Run it as if you are utilising it for your own. Test the followings long enough to determine if the PC System is ready for delivery :

1. Turn On and Off the PC several times

2. Turn On the PC and test the Internet Connection, Update the Software whenever possible. E,g, Windows Update, Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware Definition files.

3. Test the Video, Audio and DVD Function by running a DVD Movies

4. Countercheck with Hardware Properties to confirm whether you have built the PC according to Customer’s requirement.

5. Leave the computer running for at least 5 hours or more ( at least once prior to your delivery ). If the customer rushes you, explained to them the importance of burning-in the system.

Why bother with such activities when its already confirmed that the PC is running ?

You will be surprise that some of your components that you are using may not be as reliable as you think. As the PC system comprises of components from different manufacturers the level of quality assurance during productions may differ greatly. This in turn could compromise the performance of the system.

Imagine if you did not do the above-mentioned and after a day of delivery, your customer calls you to say that the system has broke down, what do you do ? Naturally, you attend to the call and spent time diagnosing the problem or replaced the faulty component, if any, right ? So what’s the big deal ?

To me, this is disastrous. Firstly, I wasted time and effort to rectified the problem, Secondly, my customer no longer trust me and will not even dare to refer anyone to me for that matter and Thirdly, some customer may even asked for an instant refund which will upset you and as a result, have a heated argument over it. Is it worth it ?

You not only lose your reputation, you lose a Customer !



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