Become A Freelancer ?

The word “Freelancer” is not very accepted by some businesses because it gives the impression that the person doing it is doing it on a part-time or without committing it on a long-term basis.

Freelancers may charge on a daily or hourly or even on a per-job basis. Usually the payment will be done on completion although some will be paid based on a milestone, if its a project.

There might be different rules and regulations in different countries concerning this type of income generation method, it is advisable that you check with your regulatory body for advice.

Why do I want to become a Freelancer ?

1. I do not have to answer to anyone except myself. I am my own BOSS.

2. Due to the bad economy, I find it difficult to find a job of my choice as I am 40s years      old and they are only willing to employ if I take a small salary which I find un-justifiable.

3. I have the liberty to work at home as a SOHO. I am not tied down by working hours. I      can choose to perform my task in the morning or in the evening too.

4. When I do not have any servicing jobs, I can pursue other less important matters for      myself or the family.

5. I have been doing this kind of services for a combined amount of 10 years or so.      Each time I could not get employed, I rely on this function to make the money.      Although I did get rich but at least I survived.

How can you benefit by becoming one ?

A. There are many reasons why someone need to make money and this is one of the      possible way for you to do it.

B. The reasons I had may be what you are encountering at the moment and if I can do      it, so can You !

C. Unless you do not like to work on your own, this is the best option if employment in      your country did not gets any better everyday.

D. I have seen people doing very well on their own doing Freelance, perhaps they are      more business-minded than me. Who knows you might be BETTER than them !      However, this is your choice. “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”

With all these possible factor, anyone can choose to become a Freelancer or not, there are some people who embark on it as a hobby in the beginning but eventually became a Freelancer when they are generating enough money to justify their undertakings.

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