Establishing A Good Reputation

In any form of customer service or business, if you do not do well in this aspect then your business will definitely suffer. Why ?

Customers will NOT deal with anyone who does the followings :

1. Always Late for the appointment made or always postponing the time scheduled.

2. Always giving excuse instead of Answering the enquiries they make while you were      working on the problem PC. Hint: Learn to explain that you cannot give them an      exact answer while you are doing your prognosis. They will understand.

3. For not listening long enough to their woes about their PC problems, you should look      interested instead. After all, the PC is their “baby”

4. Billing them differently for the same services you carried out for their recommended      friend. Hint: Sometimes they do compare the price without realising that the      workscope is different ! Occasionally, give them a discount as a “gesture of goodwill”      for taking the time to recommend someone to you, it can be a perk for them to      introduced you even more new prospects.

5. You must believed what they say is true, although at times, they could be lying for fear      of embarassment. Hint: Explain nicely to them in areas that you think is their mistake      as a result of their ignorance so that they know you are indirectly “educating” them.      Always tell them that they can SAVE MONEY if they do it correctly. They will      appreciate it.

6. Listen to their requirement. Hint: Respect your customer decision for wanting you to      prepare certain matter which they feel is comfortable for them, unless you knew them      long enough to “re-educate” them so that they can save time or money.

7. I always drink or eat what my customer offer me. This is part of respecting I think.      Hint: Complimenting the food or drink that is offered to you, if it is self-made, will      make your customer very happy.

There are many more examples that you might do that indirectly sabotage your relationship that you have with your customers. Always treat them with care. You can be treated like a friend but you must always remember that they are still your Customers !

Integrity is very important; It does not mean that when your customers has let down their guard, you can exploit them financially by charging them higher for your services or the spare part you change. What goes around will comes around !

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