Where To Find Your Customers ?

It is not rocket science for you to figure out that if there is No Customer then there is No Business and when you have No Business, you don’t make any money !

So how do you find them ?

Firstly, what is a customer ? A customer is someone who pay you for a service you have rendered or a product you sold previously and has a habit of checking with you regarding other purchase matter because you have maintain a relationship with them.

As long as there are computer users in your neighbourhood, you have many potential customers. You have to determine what are the best way for you to sell your expertise or services, you can try to do the following :

1. Informing your close friends, relatives or family members about your services

2. Sending email messages to everyone you know who is on your emaill contact list. However, if you send email to others who did not specifically give you permission to do, you might be mistaken for a Spammer ! Do tread with caution.

3. You can print leaflet regarding your services and distribute it to your neighbourhood. If they are close by, treat it that you are exercising your body while distributing it. You might even be able to asked your friends for help to distribute the leaflets to their neighbourhood as well. If all else is not possible, get hold of a professional leaflet distributor to do it for you for a reasonable fee.

4. You can even advertise on your local newspaper or tabloid so that these potential customers can respond to it by calling you or emailing you.

5. You can work out a collaborative effort with existing computer dealers or service centre so that they can outsource some of their repair job to you for a fee.

6. You can participate in some social volunteer services on computer matters and after a while, built a reputation so well that people will naturally refer enquiries to you as long as it is regarding computer matter.

There can be many other ideas which I might not even think of. Different countries or different environment might just create situation that you can exploit on. All you need to do is to have an entrepreneur spirit so that you will know how to brainstorm for ideas on how to improve or increase your business.

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