Generating Extra Money During Servicing

This is a subject that I like most because if you want to make money by providing Computer Servicing this is an additional opportunity for you to make more than the initial amount of money that the job gives you.

How can we generate extra money during servicing ? and why ?

Assuming that your customer complained that the Internet surfing speed is far too slow and it takes a while to refresh the page. You may do the following actions :

1. Clean the system of spyware or trojan

2. Clean up the History or Cookies that was accumulated by the Browser

3. Check the System Specification to see if its Hardware related

Let’s say you found out that the PC Memory is only 512MB and the customer has a habit of multi-tasking the programs they use, make recommendation for the customer to add on addition RAM or even install a separate Graphic Card so as to free the RAM that is available on the PC. This results in extra expenditure by the customers but they will appreciate your consultancy as it improves their system ultimately.

Below are some recommendations that the customer usually will not object to :

A.     Upgrade Memory

B.     Upgrade CD or DVD Drive

C.     Upgrade to a higher capacity Hard Disk Drive

D.     Install Anti-Virus software ( existing one already expired )

E.     Change of Mouse or Keyboard or Pad

F.     Change of Camera or Video Cards

All these are possible scenario that will help you to make that extra cash, provided you have them in your vehicle or you are carrying it and also If they are staying not too far away from your home or office so that making that additional trip does not incurred too much travelling expense.

It also shows the customer that you are concerned and understand their problem or frustration. By doing this, you will gain their trust even more.



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