Service Call Management

When you are receiving your first confirmed Service Call you will not only feel excited about it, you might just feel so nervous that your client can hear your voice vibrating. Do not worry because as time goes by, your confidence level will increased too.

As you are treating your Service Support as a business, you must performed your task professionally. Attend a course if you have to. How you answer your call can sometimes make or lose your customers :

1. Do not let your handphone or telephone rings for too long a time

2. Always greet your customer e.g. “Good morning, William’s speaking, how can I help you ? “

3. Always remember your Customer Name during your conversation with them

4. Ask clearly what is the problem or symptoms so that you can generate a rough prognosis of what problem the customer might be encountering

5. Fix a Date, Day or Time that the Customer might be comfortable for you to attend to their problem

6. If a rough indicaton of repair cost is required, tell the Customer politely that you will call them back after making some calculations on the potential services involved.Your quotation usually includes transportation or change of spare part or peripherals.

7. Confirm the Date, Time and Location of the service to be carried out by you.

8. Thanks them for calling and hangs up your phone only after the Customer has done so.

What To Avoid While On The Phone ?

1. Giving an answer that the customer think is the ultimate solution to their problem

2. Giving clue or suggestion when the customer seems to be fishing for an answer

3. Asking Customer to do something that might be too technical for them to understand

4. Asking them to removed anything from the Motherboard Assembly just to satisfy your prognosis.

5. Telling the customer that you are free in the evening ( no specific time described )

6. Giving customer the impression that they can call on you at anytime and expecting you to attend to their call almost immediately

7. Answering questions that has nothing to do with their initial service call

8. Giving opinion about others people services or pricing structure

If you are prospecting for a customer, do the following :

A. Call and identifying yourself and explain why you are calling

B. Find out who is in charge of Computer or IT matters in the company

C. Find out when is the most appropriate time to call that person

D. Find out if they are keen to know more about the services you are offering and how you can send it to them. Via email ? or Post a mail ?

E. Thank them for the time spent talking to you. Leave on a good note.

F. Hangs up your phone only after the prospect has done so first.

Learning how to speak professionally on the phone can really helps you gain some new prospects or customers.

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