Steps To Setting Up Your Business

Different countries may have different Rules and Regulation about setting up of a business regardless whether it is in a commerical office or at home. If you are unsure of yours, find a qualified professional who can assist you in this area. In my country, a qualified Accountant will be the best person to approached.

What Do You Need When You Want To Set Up A Business ?

1. A registered Business Name with Address. Mostly done online in my country.

2. A Business Contact. It can be your handphone or business telephone number

3. Name Card with Information that a Prospect can refer to. For a start, 200 to 500      pieces can be consider.

4. Invoice or Cash Sale Booklet so that you can bill your customer. Some regular      customers do not even need one.

5. A carrier bag that contains your tools, CDs, Memory Chips or other accessories. Must      not be too heavy that it burden you down.

6. Some Servicing Leaflets so that you can distribute it wherever you go. You never      know you might just get hold of a new prospect for this simple routine.

7. A pre-list of potential customers that you will work on at the beginning. You do not      want to “fire-fight” on your first few days of business and not knowing who to call or      look for. Your chances of getting the 1st client within a day or two can be enhanced if      you are prepared.

There could be many other preparations that you might need but the above-mentioned will be sufficient enough for you to start. Do not be afraid of whether you can do it or not. Like a baby, if you don’t take the first step, you will never walk !

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