Type Of Field Services

Field Servicing can be an interesting and exciting venture if you treat your servicing as a learning ground each time you are involve in it. The most important aspect of field servicing is that you learn to adapt to different environments and situations, meet different kinds of customers and requirements, and as a result you gained EXPERIENCES to qualify your capability as a Technical Support Specialist.

When you are able to handle all your tasks efficiently, it not only enhanced your image and reputation, it enable you to generate long-term customers in the process.

Beside In-house servicing which takes a little more time than usual to accomplished, the field services that you provide determines your ability to handle your customers problem in the shortest possible time. There many possible types of field services that you might encounter, here is a few examples :

1. Software Issue such as Window Startup Problem, Email Sending and Receiving Problem, Anti-Virus Program not functioning etc

2. Hardware Issue such as Nothing happens when Power-On, User hears beeping sound but computer did not start-up, Distorted graphic display on the monitor, System shut-down by itself after some time etc

3. Peripheral Issue such as the Wireless connection doesn’t seems to work, there is no Audio when a Video is played, Some Keys on the keyboard don’t seems to respond when Press, some of the terminal on the network are not able to surf the web etc

4. Internet Issue such as Unable to retrieve mail from Yahoo or MSN website, unable to play Video on Youtube.com, Want to view a larger font on their Browser program, System hangs each time they visited a specific website etc

5. Logistic Issue such as Relocating of PC systems and peripherals for customers, Disposal of Customers faulty and unwanted systems or peripherals and Fixing up of network or PC systems and peripherals for customers newly setup offices etc

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