Types Of In-House Services

There are many kind of situations that you will encountered which will make you identified whether the job that you are carrying out should be done in-house ( your workshop ). As a result, you may have to bring the PC or peripherals back to your own workshop for the service to be carried out.

Most of the time, this decision is made due to the following factors :

1. The tools required for this job is not available to you at the time of servicing. E.g. You      need to clone the hard disk prior to formatting the old one but the necessary tools or      software is not available.

2. The time spent in carrying out this task may far exceed your intended time allocated.      E.g. It’s the end of the working hour for your customer and they are not willing to wait      for you to finish the job.

3. Some customers may not like you to dis-mantle their PC system in the environment      that they are in. E.g. you are in a boutique shop and the PC is old and dusty.

4. You have a space constraint to carry out the work and you have no other alternative      space for the service to be carry out. E.g. This new place do not have a power      socket.

5. You may not be able to identified the real problem as it occurs intermittently, as such      you need to feel the problem by running it in your workshop without any interference      from the user. E.g. the user may need to print a document while you are in the middle      of some diagnostic functions.

As you covers many other peripherals or products during your servicing, there will be other factors that require you to carry out the repair job in your own workshop. There is a very distinct advantage of carrying out repair of equipments or peripherals at your own workplace :

A. You are not rushing the job. Your judgment on the prognosis is usually much better.

B. You can burn-in the repair system for confirmation of service done. This will lessen      the chance of you re-visiting the site.

C. You can have the liberty to work on the system for longer hours without interruption.

D. You can have a second-opinion without compromising your position. It does not      looks good if the customer can tell that you are not sure of the real problem that you      are encountering.

E. You can do some added service of cleaning up the system ( its really up to you ! ). I      have customers thanking me after finding out that I have cleaned up their casing as      well as the internal of their PC system. They know it because its their Baby !

The only disadvantage for in-house type repair jobs is that it takes a longer time to finish the deal as well it takes up additional transport expense and time to return it back to the customer. Other than that, I still prefer the in-house option as I will know that the problem is 100% solved.

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