Workshop Tools & Equipments

When you are attending to a customer computer problem on site, the likelihood is that you will bring the minimal tools that is required for the work scope. And if it turns out that the job need more effort, you will most likely advice the customer that the equipment will be brought back to your workshop for a more thorough servicing.

So, what will be the basic tools or peripherals that you will need to carry for your computer support services on the field ?

1. Phillip Screwdriver

2. Wire Cutter

3. Spare Memory ( DDR2 and SDRAM ) for Desktop and Notebook.

4. External Hard Disk Drive

5. Common Device Drivers or Freeware ( Adobe Reader, AntiVirus or AntiSpyware etc )

6. Wireless Network Adapter

7. Thumb Drive or Flash Drive

8. Service Report and Cash Sale Booklet.

( Append picture of some tools )



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