Your Service Vehicle

If you are providing computer support services or doing sales but does not have a vehicle that you can rely on, do not be despair. There is no rule insisting that you must have them in the first place although it is a known fact that everything can be done quickier when you have a vehicle for travelling, delivery of computer parts or peripherals as well as meeting with prospects.

Do consider to have a vehicle whenever you make enough to afford it. The advantages of having it far surpassed the reasons for not owning it. Driving a van is much more economical than driving a car and also there is lesser problem on transporting huge peripherals or equipments when needed.

When you have a vehicle, consider having the following as backup for your computer service support function :

1. Spare PSU ( Power Supply Unit ) — New and Used

2. Spare CDRW or DVDRW

3. Spare Monitor ( Used )

4. Spare Hard Disk Drive ( New & Used )

5. Spare Cooling Fan

6. Keyboard

7. Mouse

8. Graphic Card ( Used )

9. Other peripherals such as Network Cable ( RJ 45 ), Telephone cable ( RJ 11 ), Data Cable for Hard Disk Drive, CDROM Drive and Floppy Disk Drive and others that you might need while performing your servicing on the field.

Therefore you should really appreciate the flexibility that you can have whenever you bring your “workshop” along with you for your field services. Also bearing in mind, that in some countries, you may need to travel long distance just to attend to a service call and all this factors will make driving a vehicle a necessary part of your business plan.

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