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It is not surprising to find that many household today have several computer systems because it is getting much cheaper to own them. When there are more computers around, the demand for printing or using of the Internet access increases. Therefore, in order to reduced cost, it is advisable that these systems and peripherals get connect into a network to share resources. With a network in the house you can share computers, printers, Internet connections, and many others functions that the Operating System can support.

What do you need to start a simple network in the house?

Without dwelling too technically into this topic about network, I will highlight the basic requirement for setting one up. Likely questions that you might ask are as follows:

1. How many computers or peripheral will be involved?
2. How many network cards or adapter do I need?
3. What operating systems do I have?
4. How much money do I want to spend?
5. What type of hardware and software is best for what I want to do?
6. Can my PC and the Laptop work together?
And the list can go on and on.

An important decision that you must make before you set up your network is to decide how simple will it be and whether the cost is within your budget.

You must be aware that computer networking is about sharing. What’s shared is considered as resources. These include hard disk drives and the files or programs that live on them, printer or scanner etc. The networking hardware provides the connection between each computer. The networking software ensures that communication takes place in a proper order.

You do need a Network if the conditions below suit you:

1. You want to share information between 2 computers.
2. You want emailing on your own network.
3. You want the whole family to be able to access the Internet at the same time
4. You own a home-based business, or even a small business office
5. You want to work on your laptop while your children play some games on another computer
6. You and your spouse are always competing for the printer at the same time.
7. You might want to learn how to create Web pages for your own home business.
8. You own a small business and you want to make it easier for your employees to print and share files

Basic Requirement for Setting Up A Network:

  1. Internet Account ( If you are surfing the web )
  2. All PC and Laptop must have an Ethernet Adapter* or PCI Network Card
  3. Preferably, all PCs using Windows Operating System
  4. Broadband Modem* ( If you are surfing the web )
  5. 4 Ports Router* ( Minimum even if you have only 2 or 3 PC involved )
  6. Ethernet cable ( RJ45 )*
  7. Wireless Adapter if your Modem comes with a Wireless feature
  8. Network Software which is part of Windows OS functions.

* Most ADSL Modem today comes with built-in hub & Switch whereas most PC today comes with a LAN Adapter embedded onto the Motherboard. This makes the setting up of a network much easier.

For a more thorough knowledge on Network, you can always venture to some website specialising on this topic for references or you can buy a Network Dummies Handbook from your neighbourhood bookstore.

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