Basic Network Components

I will append more information regarding the peripherals that you need to set up a simple network on your home PC.  As you know by now, the basic preparation comprises the following :

  1. Internet Account ( If you are surfing the web )

You cannot surf the internet or send email to anyone if you do not have an Internet Account. Sign up with a ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) that provide this services. As most advanced countries are using Broadband, I believed that there are also some countries providing Dial-up Connection only. Apart from the speed issue, you can still surf or email like everyone else.

  1. All PC and Laptop must have an Ethernet Adapter or PCI Network Interface Card

If your PC is the older generation type e.g. Pentium III or early Pentium 4, you may need to have a NIC ( Network Interface Card ) installed but if your PC is the newer generation type, the LAN Adapter is already embedded on the Motherboard.

  1. Preferably, all PCs using Windows Operating System

It is common sense to note that if all the PC uses similar operating system ( software ) then there should be no difficulties or conflicts during the configuration process.

  1. Broadband Modem ( ADSL ) ( If you are surfing the web )

Some ISP offers you a modem prior to signing up for a Surfing Plan, however if you have to buy yourself, I encouraged you to buy the newer generation Modem that comes with 2 or 4 Ports and combined with a Wireless Antennae ( they have built-in Hub/Switch function ). This will make your PC connect easily to the network during configuration and you can also generate your wireless account whether you are using it or not.

  1. 4 Ports Router ( Minimum even if you have only 2 or 3 PC involved )

If you cannot find a modem as describe above then you may have to buy a separate device known as a Router for connecting your PC to the network. Compatibility is very important so you must check with the Supplier whether it will work with your existing modem or not.

  1. Ethernet cable ( RJ45 )

As most network adapter today using RJ45 connector, you need to prepare a few of this cables for your installation. It should be easily available from your nearest neighborhood computer supplies outlet.

  1. Wireless Adapter if your Modem comes with a Wireless feature

In order for your other PC to communicate with your modem wirelessly, you need a Wifi Adapter for each of your PC so that they can see each other each other after configuration. There are many type of wireless adapter for different type of computer but they all function similarly.

  1. Network Software which is part of Windows OS functions.

As most of the Network Software functionality is built within Windows XP, it becomes very easy for configuring the network. However, if you have different OS then the process may be slightly complicating. Nevertheless, seek the help of a Technical Support specialist if you are still confused with the whole topic on Networking.

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