Modem is also a device that has gone through many changes over the years but despite of these changes, there are still many users out there in the world connecting to the Internet using a dial-up modem.

You can use various speeds and types of modems to access the Internet, but the most commonly used dial-up modem has a speed of 56 Kbps. If your country provides an infrastructure for high-speed internet access then you can invest on a DSL modem or high-speed line (T1) that provides a fast, permanent connection to the Internet.

I will not dwell too technically on the modem issue as my intention is just to show you what they are and which are normally used today.

Analog modem uses phone lines to transmit your data using Voice signal. It is very easy to notice that your PC performance deteriorate badly when it is heavily used. The flexibility of using such a device is that you can use it anywhere as long as there is a telephone jack in that room. It is also very cheap ( economical ) to use this technology.

It started off with speed of 14.4Kbps then 28.8Kbps then 33.6Kbps and to the most commonly used speed of 56Kbps today. The disadvantage is that noise or interference over the telephone line can cut off transmissions even while you are surfing or transferring data from the web. And the real pain is that when you are using it for the internet, the phone function cannot be use or vice versa.

With better infrastructure, a cable or DSL modem can be use for your internet surfing. For a slightly more monthly payment plan, you can surf at high speed and also able to download large files such as music, video, tutorial ebooks in a matter of minutes. You also have the option to surf continuously without having to shutdown or re-connect to your ISP server. These DSL modem transfer data digitally and are much secured than the analog one. The minimal speed is as low as 512Kbps to as high as 10Mbps although the most common speed is around 6Mbps.

A digital modem can transmits data in both directions, usually simultaneously at high speeds. Instead of a single user who can surf the web at anytime using an analog line, a cable modem network allows multiple users to access the internet at any one time because of the hardware it use ( router ). This device enable all computers on a LAN to connect to the Internet, surf the Web, and send and receive e-mail simultaneously, using one Internet connection.

Different country or different ISPs have policies against sharing an Internet connection. Check with your ISP for more information.

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