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A network will not be possible without a “middle-ware” which is usually known as a Hub, Switch or Router. Most newly supplied home-used DSL Modem comes with an in-built router that will allow you to set up a simple home network. It might even be incorporated with a Station Adapter and Access Point for Wireless Network setup too.

The hub, switch, or router is a device with ports where you plug all the network cables from all the computers that you need to be part of the network. Which device you use will depend on the type of network you are going to set up. An explanation of the three device is as follows :

Hub: This is the cheapest method for connecting computers on to a network. It’s basically a box with several ports on it ( usually 4 ), that means one port for each computer on the network. The hub helps you to transfer information from one computer to the other using the networking cables.

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Switch: A switch is basically a better, faster version of a hub. You pay a little more for it but the cost is worth it. Usually it can have as little as 8 ports to as many as 48 ports.

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Router: The best way to connect your computers, especially if you plan to add a high-speed modem to the network, is with a router. A router not only connects the computers but also helps to manage them. It also helps put up a defense system (firewall) between your computer network and the Internet to prevent Unauthorized Access by the Public.

Routers provide a link from an Ethernet or wireless network to the Internet whether the connection is via dial-up, cable modem, or DSL.

Routers are efficient and secure; they protect your network with firewalls, smart transporting of data and fast access speeds. Some routers are incorporated with a switch so that you need not buy other device for setting up of your network.

Most home-based offices or SOHO today uses this kind of router as part of their network setup due to minimal maintenance in the future.

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