Wireless Adapter

Any computer or devices that utilize wireless technology need a transceiver and an antenna in order to function. Usually the Modem Router comes incorporated with the Station Adapter and an Access Point.

A station adapter is a client “radio” which allows the NIC adapter or Network adapter to interface with it so that the computer becomes part of the network. The Access Point act as a bridge between the NIC card or Network Adapter by connecting it to the LAN infrastructure. It communicates with the Station Adapters for data transfer purposes.

The wireless NIC adapter can be an internal PC Card, Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), Universal Serial Bus (USB), or other form of radio frequency device that is integrated into the peripheral such as in some printers.

Using Radio Frequency for Networking

Radio signals are accessible to most users around the world. Radio signals penetrate simple obstacles such as walls and furniture as such it is very justifiable to create a network out of it. Most home-use wireless peripherals today use the radio frequency principles for it to function.

As your notebook can be moved anywhere within the house, the wireless technology enable it to be in constant connection to the other computers or printer without the need to lay any network cable for its connectivity.

You can configure the basic wireless network with either peer-to-peer or client/server setup. In peer-to-peer, two or more stations can talk to each other without an access point; the radio frequencies connect these computers via the wireless network cards that are available.  However, in client/server, multiple stations need to connect to an access point, which acts as a bridge to a wired network.

Wireless LANs (WLANs) are very popular today in corporations, small businesses, colleges or universities, and as well as home networking. WLANs are used to replace wired or traditionally cabled LANs but, more often, it is setup as an extension to wired LANs.

Some example of a Wireless related peripherals are show below :

    ( Append Picture of Adapters )


What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless communications standard that connects a variety of smaller devices to your PC using Radio Frequency. Each of the Bluetooth compliance gadgets is able to communicate easily with one another, including the computer. The objective of Bluetooth is to eliminate wiring as such gadgets such as wireless keyboards, mouse, printers, MP3 music players as well as Mobile phone can be networked together as long as they are Blue-tooth readied.

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