Where To Buy Computer Products ?

Finding the nearest computer stores may not be too difficult nowsaday as computer has become an off-the-shelf product that literally any consumer can pickup while shopping in the superstore or business center.

There are a minority of stores that sell the parts or components that an IT engineer require which you usually could not find in the superstore or business center. To be able to identify the nearest store or outlet will enable you to factor in your travelling expenses in the course of doing your business.

It is also a good practice for you to compare service and pricing among stores so that you can give the best of service as well as pricing to your own customers !

In Singapore, my hometown, we have many avenues of getting computer parts or peripherals without the need to spend too much time or money because the island is small. We have a building named Sim Lim Tower that houses all electronic related businesses that market or service mainly Computers & Peripherals, Cameras, Televisions & Recorders, HiFi equipments and many others. There are many foreign buyers who comes from countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and even Russia to source for products that they can purchase there-and-then or export it back to their home country.

From Airport to Sim Lim Square is about 10 – 12 Km by Taxi

Alternatively, You can travel the Mass Rapid Transit ( MRT ) Train from Airport to the Station known as Bugis Junction ( EW12).

As most of the business transactions here comprises locals and foreigners, the usual mode of currency used is in Singapore Dollars ( S$ ) however, some of the shop owners do accept the US Dollars ( USD $ ).

There is nothing much to worry though because at the Ground Level of this building, there is a Money Changer Service that changes money including Malaysian Ringgit ( Mal $ ), Thai Baht, Renmimpi ( Chinese Yuan $ ) etc

For computer users who are living away from the City Area, you can always buy your stuffs from Computer Outlets that operate in Town Areas such as Clementi, Woodland, Tampines etc.

One such Outlet that I patronise often because of their good services as well as reasonable pricing is :

FSSOCOM (S) PTE LTD, Sim Lim Tower,  Owner : Frankie

I welcome visitors of this website to feedback to me on any good outlets that you might want to introduce for your own region ( locally or overseas ) so that everyone benefits. However, it will take some times for me to verify the recommendations.

Congratulations! Although this is not a course of any kind BUT if you had started from the home page and continuing with those links below each subject topic, you would realized that you are now much more knowledgeable about your computer system and what it can do for you.

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