Wordprocessing, Spreadsheet & Presentation

Why these Three type of software ?

Some basic programs are bundled with the Windows XP Operating System upon installation so that you can proceed to do the minimal task required. They consists of Calculator, Notepad, System Tools, Communication Tools and Entertainment Tools.

In order for you to add-on any new programs, you have to install it into your computer so that the OS can work with it. Installation of software is so “idiot-proof” that all you have to do is just insert the CD-ROM into the drive and follow the instructions that appear. Within seconds, the installation finishes.

Most computer users today need to type their message one way or another. It can be an email, memo or notes that they want to generate. Therefore, they will need a Word Processing program for this kind of work. ( Its much more powerful than the Notepad you have).

Some of them will need to do computation such as Daily Expenses, Calculation of Dividends or do some analysis of numbers (data) for their specialized trade etc. Therefore, they will need a Spreadsheet program that can address such issue.

Also, there will be some people who need to present information in graphical form, or graphical slides for tutorial purposes or storage of information into a Slideshow format. These people require a Presentation software to produce the desired output.

Of course, there is much other kind of software requirements that a computer user will need but they are not in the majority group.  As a result of these software requirement, many software developers developed a Software Suite that encompass the three type of software together so that you can pay a small price just to get all the functionalities included.

The most common Software Suit today is :

Microsoft Office

It is available in various editions for user to choose. The Standard Edition comprises the following programs :

1. Microsoft Word   —   Word Processor
2. Microsoft Excel   —   Spreadsheet Program
3. Microsoft PowerPoint   —   Presentation Program
4. Microsoft Outlook   —   A Scheduler, Contact Management and Email Software

Microsoft Office Small Business Edition includes Microsoft Publisher, which is a graphics program you can use to create brochures and other projects.

The Professional Edition includes both Publisher and Microsoft Access, a sophisticated database program.

Tips :
You can buy Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition which is identical to the Standard Edition (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook) and costs much cheaper. And you don’t have to be a teacher or student to purchase it.

Another Software Suite worth mentioning is OpenOffice, because its FREE !

It is an open-source office software suites that comprises of Word processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Graphic and Databases and others. It is available in many Languages and works in many common computers.

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