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Hi! You are definitely qualified here if you are :

  • FIRST TIME learner on how to use a computer and wants to know more

  • EXCITED and wanting to learn how to make money online with your PC

  • CURIOUS to know what are available out there BUT is afraid to ask

  • DESIRE to earn some pocket money or even a serious Income for yourself

  • PERSISTENT in getting things done and become successful with it


It is a high chance that you are someone 18 years old or more and you are embarking on another life journey to occupies your time with something fruitful for your daily life. IF you are here looking for an instant answer to your financial woe then this is definitely not the site for you! However, if you want to learn how to make money smartly online or offline then there are answers on this website that will help you understand more and even allows you to participate on it.

Those lessons or tutorial within this website or blog can be so simple and easy that it can annoy 3 kinds of people:

  • An experienced computer user who is already roaming the web daily

  • Someone who is very particular about the English Grammar on this blog

  • Someone who is very impatient and likes to jump around looking for the right answers immediately (Smart Aleck)

    I would only say "thousand apologies" that this website may not be for you!



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* Fact: Prawfeed-Marketing was designed in 2009 with the intention of providing you with enough information to build and assemble your computer and then to learn how to make money online or offline smartly. As the progress of the computer technology (including hardware) is so fast and furious, you can literally buy any PC or laptop cheaply and starts exploring the web today.

However, there are some users in the Third World countries who are still using the earlier generation of PC and hardware and the information within the ITComputer are still relevant to them.

IF you are an experienced PC User, you may want to take your first step by clicking on the link below so that you will not miss any other important messages that we have for you. Explore whatever posts or pages that are available there so that those nuggets of information or freebies can be earn and learn at your own time and pace.

Hint: Rewards only come to those who are seeking!


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